Sad fact…

I was doing a deep dive into my YouTube stats and discovered that over the last 28 days my video on depression has gotten the most watch time of all my videos. While I’m happy to say that its performing well for how small my channel is, it is also depressing that 75% of the traffic is coming from people searching for either “autism depression” or “autism anxiety”. These are apparently two hot topics for us, and I wish I could make a video that magically helps people who stumble across it, but the sad fact is I constantly struggle with both depression and anxiety with no magic button or cure all since I only ever rise above them for short bursts of time before I’m down again. I’m currently in a good state of mind… but for how long?… Perhaps just making another video on the topic and sending a message of “you are not alone & this is nothing to be ashamed of” would be helpful? I don’t know… but it is something to think about…

Maybe I should have started this post off with “dear diary” since this is basically my inner mono-log that I’m just happening to put on the internet. lol


While working on my next video (yes there is a new video coming out finally. Still working on it. but soon!) I had a question pop into my head. What is a good creed, mantra, or pledge that is both positive and a coping mechanism? Then after an hour of bouncing around ideas I came up with A.S.P.I.E.

Always Strategize Prepare Initiate Execute

Always – as in not sometimes, not occasionally, but consistently and in everything

Strategize – Nothing is impossible regardless of what challenges are involved so long as you take the time to make a plan or 12 (gotta have backups)

Prepare – Similar to strategize, but I mean this in more of terms of having everything you need to execute the plan. Ear defends? check… Stim toy… check… Blue prints of the venue you are going to dinner at complete with an idea of what area has the best acoustics to sit at… check…

Initiate – Having a plan and being prepared doesn’t help anything if you don’t actually start what you have planned. Have faith in the plan and courage enough to initiate it!

Execute – If you did everything you could in the previous steps then a successful execution of the plan should be easy at this point! Complete it like a pro and pat yourself on the back! Great job!

These 5 steps are crucial to being a good Aspie when going outside of a comfort zone or breaking away from a routine! I intend to cover these 5 steps in my next video which is about surviving thriving at a concert where sensory overload can easily occur.

Also, since there is not a very large selection of adult autism clothing and everything is based around children with bright colors and puzzle pieces. I’ve decided to start designing some adult autism related clothing, and I’m starting very simple with…

Available at Tee-Spring and hopefully soon to be on Amazon.

Happy Wed-nes-day

Am I the only person that says Wednesday as 3 separate words mentally? Same thing with island… its weird… Like my brain breaks words into small pieces and stores in the individual components. When I’m using them inside my own head I use the little components… When I go to talk its automatically converted (most of the time) into the proper way of saying it…. Now that I think about it my inner mono-log I hear inside my head is British also… Maybe I’m just crazy… *shrug*