Sad fact…

I was doing a deep dive into my YouTube stats and discovered that over the last 28 days my video on depression has gotten the most watch time of all my videos. While I’m happy to say that its performing well for how small my channel is, it is also depressing that 75% of the traffic is coming from people searching for either “autism depression” or “autism anxiety”. These are apparently two hot topics for us, and I wish I could make a video that magically helps people who stumble across it, but the sad fact is I constantly struggle with both depression and anxiety with no magic button or cure all since I only ever rise above them for short bursts of time before I’m down again. I’m currently in a good state of mind… but for how long?… Perhaps just making another video on the topic and sending a message of “you are not alone & this is nothing to be ashamed of” would be helpful? I don’t know… but it is something to think about…

Maybe I should have started this post off with “dear diary” since this is basically my inner mono-log that I’m just happening to put on the internet. lol

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About me: My name is David and I have ASD1 (autism). I create weekly videos to talk about autism and share my experiences.

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