Tickets to GFM

I have not been to a concert in over 7 years due to overload. Not sensory overload, but overload in general from stress from work and what not leaving me with no energy when my days off come around. Typically my go to thing to do on days off would be to hide in my house away from people in an attempt to recover and prepare for next week.

Whats weird I really enjoy going to concerts if I like the music (I’m very picky) but everything that goes along with a concert would normally cause me to shutdown. The loude noise, crowd, and horrible smells of alchohal, smoke and sweat are normally overwhelming. However, if you add in a band that I really like instead of shutting down I become energized by it.

GFM is a band I have come to like over the last 2-3 years and have a show June 14th at the House of Blues in Orlando Florida and they said they would mail me tickets to come see them that night. So for the first time since 2010 I will be going to a concert.

Now here is the big question I’ve been asking myself since they said their mailing me tickets… My anxiety has gotten much worse since back in 2010. Will it still energize me? or will it degrade to just anxiety? Fingers crossed for energy but I shall find out.

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About me: My name is David and I have ASD1 (autism). I create weekly videos to talk about autism and share my experiences.

One thought on “Tickets to GFM”

  1. I have planned such concerts 3 times in the past, bought tickets, but gave them last minute to my brother, as I had anxiety of the noise… Now I don’t even bother anymore… I hope you like it doh 🙂


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