I will beat depression.

Anyone who has watched my thank you for 1,000 subscribers video will know that I’ve once again been fighting depression. Well, on 4/17 I decided I’d had enough and beating depression is my new goal and I plan to focus on it until I’ve overcome it. The plan…

#1) Force myself into a regular sleep pattern once again. Due to my unemployment my sleep has no anchor since I no longer have a time I need to get up and staying in bed 10-12 hours a day is my new normal. Once I get this back on track I may have more energy.

#2) Go outside. I don’t care for leaving my house most days and as a result I stay inside without natural light. My goal is 1 hour a day outside (weather permitting).

#3) Get a better diet. When I’m not feeling the greatest I go to my comfort foods, which is mainly fast food, pizza, and sweets. This is potentially lowering my energy and just getting me further into depression so I will try to take conscious efforts to eat correct portions and not as much junk food.

#4) Set daily productivity goal and meet them. When I’m not feeling well I don’t do everything on my to do list. It stacks up, and adds to the depression because I’m not getting anything done. Its a vicious circle and it needs to be broken.

#5) Exercise. This goes with #2 as I don’t go out and exercise much and when I was working I walked every day on my lunch break. I need to get back into the habit of exercising.

I believe that with these 5 things I can break free of my depression. Hopefully it will only take a few weeks, but either way I intend to document portions of it just in case I decide to do a video on overcoming depression. Wish me luck.

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About me: My name is David and I have ASD1 (autism). I create weekly videos to talk about autism and share my experiences.

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